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Best Profitable Strategy for Both Teams To Score

After 2 1/2 seasons of continued profitability, we can safely say that this is the best both teams will score strategy ever created in Betpractice’s Backtesting tool. If you are already a Betpractice user, know that at the end of the article we tell you how to copy the system with two clicks, without having to do it step by step.

How to create a profitable strategy with the market both teams will score?

In this case we are going to configure it with the Backtesting tool. If you are a Betpractice user, later we will explain how to copy the system with two clicks, but first we will explain the fundamentals of this strategy. With the Backtesting tool we can see if a system or strategy has been profitable in the past , which gives us security to make our future investments. To create a profitable strategy in the market, both teams will score, we have to be clear about the following points: Leagues that we will include What sample are we going to work with? Teams to include or exclude other filters

What are the most profitable leagues in the market will both teams score?

After many hours of study and analysis, and above all, combining with the filters that we are going to expose later, the leagues that we are going to use and therefore include in this system are the following:

  • Hungarian First Division NB 1
  • Norwegian First and Second Division (Eliteserien & Division 1)
  • Sweden First and Second Division (Allsvenskan & Superettan)

The best teams for BTTS (both teams will score)

Of these leagues we are not going to include all the games, but we are going to exclude the games in which certain teams participate. In some cases it will only be home games, away games or both. To do this we are going to go to the TEAMS tab and there we make sure that we are in League Mode, and we are going to exclude as follows:

  • Hungary –> (HOME) Újpest // (BOTH) Ferencváros, Puskás, Várda SE, Zalaegerszegi TE
  • Noruega Eliteserien –> (AWAY) Odd, Viking // (BOTH) Haugesund, Sandefjord
  • Noruega Division 1 –> (HOME) Ranheim // (BOTH) Raufoss
  • Suecia Allsvenskan –> (BOTH) Djurgarden, Helsingborg, IFK Gothenburg
  • Suecia Superettan –> (BOTH) Norrby, Öster

Here we leave an example of what Norway Eliteserien would look like

The best filters for a system of both teams will score

Once we have clear the leagues and teams with which we are going to work, we need to apply the filters. For them, the first thing we have to do is tell Backtesting which sample we want to work with, and for this we go to REAL ODDS PROFILE and choose Current Season/ Home: as both/ Away: as both . If this option does not appear, it is because you must create this real quota in the PROFILE section and then in REAL ODDS PROFILE –> Modify –> Create a new profile, and then choose CURRENT SEASON as Database Records to use and Home as BOTH and Away as BOTH.

The next thing we are going to do is apply two filters that are in the same tab, “REAL ODDS & VALUE”. The filters are the following:

Real Odds range –> 1 – 2
Value to Book –> 0 – 1000

It would be as follows:

What we are doing here is to include only, within the leagues and teams included, only those games that during the current season have met with both teams scoring at least 50% of the time and that also has statistical value. If you do not know what value is, we leave you this article where we explain it in detail.

With this, the system would be fully designed and ready to follow. If we want to see our future picks in the Betpractice app for Android and in the picks panel in the dashboard we must activate our system, we do this in the panel where we load our systems within BACKTESTING.

How to copy the system both teams will score Strategy in your Betpractice account automatically

With your Betpractice account you can go directly to the COMMUNITY section and in the search engine you can enter BETCAZADOR, this will show you several systems, including one called AMBOS EQUIPOS MARCAN SI SISTEMA (you can also search by the name of the system). once you find it you can select to load the system.

It should be noted that if a different yield appears than the one shown before loading the system, it is because you have not created the real odds profile that is used in this system.

You can see also an explanatory video of this system.

You can try it for FREE Now! We hope you liked this article, that you use this strategy and, of course, tell us about your experience with this type of analysis on our social networks. Also check here for more info about Betpractice Studio!

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