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How to analyze football matches with statistics for Free!

On the Betpractice website you will find a link to the Free version in the top menu, which will take you to the list of matches for the day.

Once you’re on the Studio, click the third button to go to the Pregame tool to see the list of matches for the day (or the following days).

► How to find the best local teams for free

In the free version of Betpractice you can sort the list of matches you want to analyze for the day and see which teams get the most points when they play at home. To do this, we are going to go to the left side panel and click on Sorting and then by Home PPG, that is, by Local Points Per Game.

PPG or Points Per Game represent the average number of points obtained by the team when playing home or away during the current season. For example, the average PPG obtained by Barcelona W at this point in the season is 3.00, so we understand that it is a strong team when it plays at home, we also see that the share in BET365 is 1.02, so we are before a bet with enough value. We even see that Atletico are not getting many points when they play away this season.

► How to find the best away teams for free

We can do the same operation that we have seen to find the best home teams to find the best away teams of the day.

In addition, we could order them in the reverse order to find the worst home teams and the worst visiting teams to incorporate them into an opposing winner betting strategy.

► Free statistical analysis of football matches with Betpractice

With Betpractice you can do a much more in-depth statistical analysis of each and every football match available. If we click on the name of the teams we will access a panel with a lot of information for free.

By opening this panel we will have access to a large number of statistics for each game with which we will be able to develop different strategies. 

In the previous image we can see statistics of percentage of victories, average of goals, average of goals scored, average of goals conceded, percentage of both scored, clean sheets and unmarked goal. In turn, we have all these statistics available when the team played home, away and in general. Only with this part of the panel we can take several bets for our strategies


► Free break goals under betting strategy with Betpractice

In this panel of statistics we will find the section of goals over / under at halftime of each football game, where we will be able to analyze the percentage of over and under 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 of each game to obtain very interesting trends

At first glance we can see a clear trend under 2.5 goals at half time that we could use as a simple bet or combine it with another bet that we can obtain by analyzing in the same way any other match that we can analyze for free using the Betpractice statistics.

► Free corner strategy with Betpractice

We can also analyze football games by the percentage of corners in matches to find bets and incorporate them into a corner strategy. All this information is free at Betpractice.

This can help us both to find simple bets for over or under corners and also to find corner bets for our combined.

► Free live goal strategy with Betpractice

You can also analyze football games for free in order to create a live goal betting strategy. In this statistics panel that you have available for free you can find the percentages of goals scored and conceded divided by sections of 15 minutes

In this simple way you will be able to identify the section of the match where there are more goals, or where there are no goals.

As you have seen, you have at your disposal completely free of charge a large amount of information, without the need to register with which you can analyze all the matches of the day for free with Betpractice statistics.

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