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How to analyze a game comparing seasons

When we are analyzing one or several markets within a football match or league, it is important to know if what is currently happening is something that has been happening on a regular basis, or if, however, this season or in recent matches there is a break in the pattern or trend.

Doing this with Betpractice Studio is very simple thanks to the Explorer tool and in this article we are going to teach you how to do it in a very easy way!

How to analyze a football game

The first thing we are going to do is go to the Explorer tool and select a match, in this case we are going to choose the match Atlético Madrid – Barcelona

And in the next step we are going to select the markets that we want to analyze, for this example we are going to choose the market Over/Under 2.5 and Both Teams Mark Yes/no
And finally, in the Sample tab, we are going to select the last 5 seasons. In this case I am going to choose the last 5, although I could choose the last 3, 4, 5, 6… any option would be valid from 3 seasons onwards and we will explain why below
In order to explain the importance of sample selection, it is necessary to see the following image and the different columns that are in it

Column Real Odds we will see a real odd (and percentage) calculated based on the real odds profile that we have active in our Account Administration panel

If you do not know what the Real Odds are, please read this article where we explain this important concept.

In the next column it shows us the fee the Bookmakers offer us and the value in relation to our Real Odd. Then we have another very interesting column which is the actual odds for the current season , as well as head-to- head and custom odds .

Current Season –> Calculate the actual odds with the sample of the current season, home games as home and away as away
Exact Matches –> Calculate the Real Odds with the sample of the matches played by Atlético Madrid at home against Barcelona
Custom Odds –> Calculate the Real Odds with the sample of the seasons that we choose in the sample tab

With this, what we get is to have an overview of how the different markets have behaved not only in the current season, but in the current season plus a previous one, the current season plus 3 previous ones and when those teams played against each other. This is a fundamental advantage when carrying out an analysis, since we can identify if a market is within a trend as well as very useful data such as the one we see in the Over 0.5 HT market of this match:

If we look at both the real odds column and the current year and custom odds column, the real odds are between 1.4 and 1.5, that is, it is around 67-70% probability, however, in the direct confrontations that probability is reduced to 50%, so we can understand that these teams usually score a goal before the end of the first half, but this is not so common when they play against each other .

This statistical advantage is very easy to take advantage of with tools such as those provided by Betpractice Studio with the Explorer. An entry that seems to have around a 70% probability can make us lower the stake or directly discard it after seeing that when these two soccer teams face each other, the trend is not fulfilled.

You can try it for FREE Now! We hope you liked this article, that you apply it and, of course, tell us about your experience with this type of analysis on our social networks. Also check here for more info about Betpractice Studio!

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