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OMG Preset – Betting over Goals Strategy

The (OMG) one more goal strategy targets in betting on one more goal during LIVE action, by making a good analysis in both pre-match and live with Betpractice Studio.
To bet on Over X.5 goals (“X” is current goals) of the match in the final leg of either second or first half. The over has to be more likely than the under (+ 55% would be ideal) and that the bookmaker’s fee has VALUE preferably around 2.00.

Example: “If there is a game, previously studied, which is live on TV, if the score is 1-1 by the minute 73, we should bet on over 2.5FT if the probability of over is 55% between 70-90 minute gap and the fee either 2 or more.”

Development of the strategy:

The betting strategy of OMG (One More Goal) is made for the last stretch on the second half of a football game (15-20 last minutes), it can be also done on the first half with Over 0.5HT to get better odds but also less success rate than in the second half. Always bet on odds higher than 2.00 and that is why we have the intention to get back 100% or more from our investment. It is important to study with Explorer tool that the probability of happening is greater than 55%.

It is essential to watch the game live.

Essential pre-match analysis, search and select games with trend, this operation can be done in PREGAME of Betpractice Studio PRO:
Over 2.5FT + 55%
Both Mark SI + 55%
Over 0.5HT + 55% (ideal + 70%)
Goal Scored in Both Halves + 55%

GSBH (Goal Scored in Both Halves)

We have a default BP PRESET already done so you just need to load it and see the games that matches with those criteria:

The games that match these 4 parameters will be the best for the OMG! (One More Goal) Strategy, but those matching Over 2.5FT (+ 55%) and over 0.5HT (+ 70%) are also acceptable.

We do NOT seek the MAXIMUM probability to avoid the games which change trend, remember that what is on the top sometimes falls. We look for medium-high probabilities with value and not exclusively the maximum probability in those markets.

It is essential to see it live, so DISCARD any games which you can not find on your TV or bookmaker’s streaming functionality.


Watch the game.
At least 1 or 2 shot on goal, several shots in general, a lot of corners and dangerous attacks.
Greater probability of Over than the Under in that section (ideal + 55%)
Value of odd  offered by the bookmaker with respect to the statistical fee.
Sample of data has to be: more than 100 ideal matches and that the two teams have played in enough seasons of the specific league

“If the requirements are not met, DO NOT BET ON OVER, you will be doing the right thing if you plan to continue winning long term”


To improve the match search in this strategy, we will Market Analysis and Next Goal tool from Betpractice Studio PRO, included in EXPLORE.

We will have to do a first analysis using NextGoal to study ALL the time segments of the previous games played by such teams in both home and away situations, we have to observe if in those matches there is a great tendency for a goal to be scored on the on the second half.

We can see that in the final stretch of the game there is a great probability that goals will be scored.

To optimize the analysis of live odds, we will use Market Analysis tool from Betpractice Studio PRO, where we can calculate the market’s probability of over based on of already played games as well as assessing the odds of the betting house with respect to the statistical odds which are based on custom ones, it is advisable to use a sample of at least 100 matches.

We will use NextGoal to analyze at first glance the TIME AREA and see if in any previous matches played by those teams were scored goals in the time frames of the first or second half we want to study. We will make a special analysis of the zone 75-90 minutes of each game to see if it is advisable or not to enter the strategy of one more goal, remember that more than 55% chance is already good for a 2.00 fee.


Minute 70 or 75 go to the next goal OVER with a fee 2.00 or greater but ONLY if we are watching live that there is a possibility of goal, we discard the bet if we understand that it is a boredom game, or that they no longer have the intention to score a goal.

A conditioning factor for the over 0.5HT is to watch the shots on target, if at minute 25 there was no shot at goal, abstain from betting, as soon as there are some shots on goal to make the bet for over 0.5HT and we believe that there is a possibility of a goal, we can proceed.

Stake should be from 5% to 10% of our Total Bankroll, this management will allow us to support a streak of 14 consecutive losses (in case of using 5%) and after those 14 we will keep 50% of our initial bank, in case of 10 % we could lose 7 consecutive consecutive times to stay at 50% of the initial bank.

The money management allows our bank to support the maximum streak of consecutive losing bets.

There is no stop loss for this strategy because there is a possibility that goals are scored in the last stretch of the game when the teams are tired, when the teams give everything, when there are desires to draw or win.

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