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Preset Trading Over/Under

We will use Betpractice Studio in order to find the best match for trading under betting strategy on under market and the best moment of that match to bet on it.

It will be a betting strategy of trading under, we will bet on UNDER 2.5 FT on LIVE goals for a period of 10 minutes, which are probably the 10 best minutes of the football match for our strategy and in which we will win “only” 10% of our total investment. If in those 10 minutes a goal has been scored, keep calm, it can be closed using sports trading and losing between 20% and 60%, of our investment depending on the situation we are in the first or second half. And maybe even not lose anything by waiting a little longer, this is stop-loss.

The strategy is based on betting during the best moment of the game for UNDER 2.5FT while the score is 0-0, then wait for 10 min more and bet on OVER 2.5FT using the following formula:

(Stake 1 x Odd 1) / Odd 2

To increase the benefit between the results of under and over, we can also done it by pressing the CASH-OUT button.

How do we find the best match for the trading under strategy

In order to find the most profitable football match to bet we have a BP PRESET on Pregame tool in Betpractice Studio PRO with the following conditions:
Under3.5 FT + 80%
Under2.5 FT + 60%
Under1.5 FT + 40%
Under1.5 HT + 75%
Both teams To Score NO + 60%
Half with more goals = 2nd Half

We will also look at the current state of each team that at least 7 of the last 10 were Under and have a good data sample in that league, discard any teams that have only played 5 or 6 times and look for data samples of at least 20 games.

The matches that gather the most markets under these parameters will be ideal for the trading under strategy.

Once we have found the game, we will need NextGoal tool to know which is the best 10 minute interval of our game with the most under tendency, ideally between the minutes 50-60, 60-70, 70-80, because if we reached 0-0 in those intervals the odd of Under will drop down faster than in the first half and if they score a goal the loss is much lower.

We will bet an initial amount of our bank, never more than 10%, to UNDER2.5 we will wait 10 minutes and we will cash-out trying to obtain a 10% of profit on our initial stake.

If a goal is scored in that 10 minute stretch not everything is lost, it depends on the time of the game and the amount which the bookmaker will offer with cash-out but even if it is in the first 10min we will not lose more than 60% of our initial stake, with a little confidence since it is an under trend game we can reduce that loss as the time passes, remember that we do have a cushion and only 3 goals make us lose the bet.

Time plays in our favor, as the time passes without any goals are scored, the more money we will win.

Additionally, we can use OddsCompiler tool for pre-game that the odds should have in favor the Under 2.5 FT at the beginning of bet and the fee should be over 2.5FT 10 min later. Remember that this is the real fee, if the match is boring the odds of the betting house will be very similar or even higher, if the game has a lot of chances missed, the fee will be much lower than the real ones and the worst is that will fall slowly.

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