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How to keep track of your games with Target Alarms

We have included a new function called Target Alarm in Betpractice to keep track of general alarms, so you can see the results of profit, hit percentage, win and sample. In this article we explain everything about this function.

Alarm control features

Certain aspects of Taget Alarm must be taken into account in order to carry out a correct analysis of the function:
For now a maximum of 5 general alarms can be Targeted
The maximum sample of matches per alarm is 200, from then on the oldest sample is replaced by the most recent matches

How to activate the Target Alarm in Betpractice Studio?

You can activate Target Alarm for both a new alarms and an existing ones using the edit button. Let’s simulate creating an alarm to look for a goal in the last 20 minutes when the score is 0-0 and target its results.

The first thing is to go to the GENERAL ALARMS tool and we are going to put the filters that we want, for this example we will put the ones in the image below, although each user will have their own depending on the strategy you want to do.

As in this example our strategy goes one more goal when the score is 0-0, we are going to target the market Over 0.5 FT . To do this we are going to go to the lower part titled TARGET and in the MARKET section we are going to look for the Over/Under 0.5 – Over 0. 5 market and click on Select Market.

Betpractice uses Bet365 for live market monitoring so it is already shortlisted. Once our general alarm is configured and the market to target selected, we only have to give our alarm a name and “Save & Activate”.

How to see the results of Target Alarms?

To see the yield, success percentage, sample and gain of the controlled alarms, we go to the alarm panel through the bell icon, located at the top right, and then on the TARGET ALARMS tab.

In this panel you will find all the information available on your target alarms, updated daily.

On the right you will be able to Delete the Target Alarm, this does not eliminate your alarm, only the target.

The Sample panel is also available, where you can see detailed information of the matches that entered your alarm by clicking on it.

Can Pregame markets be targeted at Betpractice Studio?

Short answer is Yes.
Long Answer is: If your alarm contains only Pregame markets, you can also target their results, and also not only with Bet365 but with the rest of the bookies available.

The procedure is exactly the same as what we have seen in the first part of this article, only that we do not include any parameter or live filters, since at that moment we will only be able to target live markets (it does not make sense to target pregame markets with live filters).

You can try it for FREE Now! We hope you liked this article, that you use these tips and, of course, tell us about your experience with this type of situation on our social networks. Also check here for more info about Betpractice Studio!

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