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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Betpractice

If you are one of the users who likes to always be learning, improving and optimizing the use of tools, in this article we are going to collect 5 tips that we are sure will be very useful when it comes to being efficient in the use of the Betpractice suite.

1. Create and follow strategies

At Betpractice you can analyze matches individually and find incredible market opportunities. In the pre-match coupon you can filter by value and find games with statistical value and combine it with statistical filters or streaks. The same thing happens in the live coupon, where we will also have the statistics data of the live match and quota. Or with the Explorer tool to analyze the match by time ranges.

But the interesting thing about this suite is being able to develop a strategy (or several) that work in the long term and to which you simply have to add or eliminate parameters to adapt it to the current reality. A long-term strategy will always work better than an individual analysis.


2. Each tool has its function

Betpractice is a statistical suite, that is, we have different tools with which we are going to be able to carry out different actions and analyses.
We are going to find tools to analyze pre-game and live games, do it by filtering by odds, statistics, view graphs, check past returns, etc… but it is important to know which tool is designed for which function.

In the official Betpractice manual you will find a small paragraph at the beginning of each tool where its purpose is explained.

It is important to know this since, for example, we can analyze the probability of a goal in the last 15 minutes of the game with the market analysis tool, but the ideal is to do it with the Next Goal tool, since it allows much more versatility and detailed information. In the same way, if we want daily matches that go 0-0 in the 70th minute, we can apply that filter in the live coupon, but the most effective thing would be to apply an alarm with our favorite leagues so that Betpractice sends us a notification when that happens. .

3. Select the competitions well in your betting strategies

We have noticed that many users incorporate all the competitions available on Betpractice into their strategies, but this is not really efficient for various reasons. In the first place, if you are developing a live strategy and there are competitions that you are not going to be able to attend due to the schedule, it is better to remove them from your strategies since the only thing they will do is create unnecessary “noise” in your registry.

In the same way, if you are developing a long-term strategy in which you need a certain statistical sample as support, incorporating competitions such as national cups, super cups, play-offs, etc. does not make any sense, since they are competitions that, as a general rule, They have very little statistical sample.

4. A profile for each betting strategy

At Betpractice you can create independent profiles in which the markets, statistics and default streaks that we indicate will be shown, as well as a profile of real odds, statistics, streaks and points per game that we want. Of course it also happens with our favorite competitions.

It is important to have a profile for each strategy in order to have everything well organized, and when consulting something, everything is much more accessible and not complicated at all.

Betpractice account with 3 profiles created

5. Learn from the veterans

In our community there are users who have been using Betpractice for more than 8 years, learn from them. You can join our free Telegram group and also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . Both in the Telegram group and on our networks you can ask any questions you have, our community is ready to help you.

You can try it for FREE Now! If you have any questions about Value in Sports Betting please leave us a comment or contact us through our social networks.

Also check here for more info about Betpractice Studio!

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Get Started Now!

It’s time to take your bets to the next level!
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