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Value Combination Betting Strategy - Preset Double Value

Although we have already talked about combination strategy in other articles, we always try to improve the strategies by incorporating different parameters that can provide a degree of value. Value is going to be precisely the differential point of this strategy in which we are going to combine two markets with value to enhance our strategy.

► What is a combination bet?

A combination bet is a type of bet in which several events must be met for it to be won. When we make a simple bet we make a ticket to a single event, for example that Real Madrid win the match. In a combined bet we must introduce more than one event in the bet, for example that Real Madrid will win against Sevilla and that there is a draw in the Manchester City – Arsenal match.

Although there are infinite possibilities of applying a combined betting strategy, in this article the objective is to find a higher odds by combining events that in principle are quite probable and that have value according to the data that Betpractice Studio tools gives us.

► How to find value bets

To be able to make combinations with value, we will first need to identify in which markets there is a quota that is above what it should be. At Betpractice, several presets (set of filters) have been created in order to be able to identify these types of matches with just two clicks. This time we are going to talk about the Double Value IV preset. In this preset we have the following parameters:

  • Market Over/Under 3.5FT
  • Market Over/Under 4.5FT
  • Market Over/Under 5.5FT

These 6 markets with a percentage higher than 80% or what is the same, a real share of @ 1.25
In addition, a filter with a minimum value of 5%, that is, that the difference between the real odds and the idds of the bookie is at least 5%

With these 6 markets we will have a wide selection of matches for our strategy of combined with value

The calculation of the real fee will be made based on the sample selected in the configuration of your profile in Account Administration that you can modify here:

Once you have selected your real odds, that is, the sample with which that 80% will be calculated, we can load the profile as follows:

When loading the preset, it will return the matches of the day that meet these parameters:

► Combination betting strategy with value by probability

Once we have the list of matches for the day we must move on to the selection of matches. To choose these matches we can adhere to different criteria, one of the most reasonable being to do so by probability.

For this, what we are going to do is look first at the markets that have more than 5% value, and then order those columns from the lowest real odds to the highest.

Once the markets are ordered by probability, it only remains to choose those with the lowest real odds and incorporate them into our combined betting strategy by probability.

► Value for Maximum Value Combination Betting Strategy

In this combined betting strategy we are not going to be guided by probability, but we are going to choose those games in which the difference between the real Betpractice odds and the bookmaker’s odds is larger. We are going to choose football matches with greater value.

The procedure is the same as in the previous combination betting strategy, only here we are going to sort by Active Value as follows:

We would only have to choose the first matches on the list and we will be making a combined betting strategy with the maximum possible value.

As you can see there are up to 5 different versions of this type of preset. They all have the same probability (80%) and value (5%) filters, but different markets are combined.

Did you like the value combination betting strategy? Give it a try & leave us a comment below or share it with your friends!

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